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Sustainability Matters

Approaching 2 billion tons of CO2 and 80 billion cubic meters of water consumed annually, the global fashion industry is amongst the highest polluting and wasteful industries in the world.

The rise of fast fashion has made this industry even more wasteful.

Consumers from around the world, especially women, are demanding change now.

We strongly believe that eco-conscious and sustainable apparel isn’t just for the future, it’s also for TODAY.

That’s why we have created one of the first platforms for sustainable companies from around the world. 

All of our collections are created by small companies that deeply care about their employees, customers, and the environment.

And they all do so in unique and different ways – some fabrics are made using recycled (PET) water bottles, some through upcycled coffee grounds, and others are made from natural and/or noble fibers such as  organic cotton, organic bamboo, tencel, micromodial, cupro, wool, cashmere. 

When compared to traditional fashion and sports apparel companies, all of our unique fabrics, fibers and apparel have already collectively made a difference though HUGE reductions CO2, water, and plastic pollution.

Here at L’Aquila, we are just getting started.

Each collection and brand has an amazing story! 

How is each brand sustainable?

Adopt ANY Dog - get Rewarded!

We are currently offering discounts and rewards for any shelter dog adopted in the United States!*

If you care about our planet, chances are you care about animals deeply, too. 

Sadly, dog shelters around the world are overcrowded and underfunded. 

In the United States alone, over 3.3 million dogs enter shelters each year, and over 670,000 are euthanized.  

We have partnered with ACCT Philly in Philadelphia, PA both to increase adoption rates as well as spread awareness.

If you have adopted ANY shelter dog within the last year, ESPECIALLY from ACCT Philly, you are eligible to discounts and rewards!  

And if you are thinking about adopting, don't wait! 

Click and meet our ACCT Philly dogs - adopt any and receive $100 Credit on our entire site!

Find out more/claim your rewards!


This Month Only!

Get $5 FREE to donate - included with any L'Aquila Active order!*

Givz is simply the smartest, easiest and fastest way to donate to any registered charity in America and make the world a little better for all.

Our Favorites?

Paw It 4ward Foundation Inc

Shriner's Hospital for Children

Charity : Water

*You will receive a link via email after order purchase confirmation. Limit one per customer.

Find out more about GIVZ


L'Aquila Active was founded to combat the rise of plastic pollution, fast fashion,  climate change, and resulting destruction of marine ecosystems and wildlife.  

The founders recognized that not only was organic, sustainable, and eco-conscious apparel better for our environment and wildlife, it is also better for our bodies!

With Softer, gentler clothing that breathes better on your skin, it won't just be your heart that feels a difference.....your skin will too!

Meet our Team

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