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Sustainable Fashion

Find out how each brand does so without sacrificing ethics, quality, or fashion:
    USA domestically produced – all production is done on premises. All Fabrics made in the USA – Sourced from recycled scraps from big box retail brands across the country.

        Global Social impact - Art featured on leggings originally hand painted by artists all over the world.

             Zero waste company – all excess fabric 100% recycled into items such as conscious headbands, sustainable dog beds, and recyclable product packaging such as hang tag strings.

                Reinvesting profits towards environmental conversation - Ongoing commitment to planting one tree in Madagascar’s amazon rainforest for every conscious headband sold.
                  Dedicated to USA manufacturing and production.

                      Committed to recycled fibers for over 95% of all production – recycled polyester from Italy is most used fiber, this translates to 50% less CO2 throughout the manufacturing process and ONE SIXTH total water usage of traditional polyester.

                          Suppliers and sourcing matters – suppliers have PROVEN track records that adhere to high standards of sustainability in both water use and greenhouse gas emissions


                          Minimizes waste during the production process  and utilizes materials in the most efficient way possible.


                          Knits most of fabrics locally to minimize our carbon footprint. The plant-based and organic fibers used are safer and healthier for growers, producers, and manufacturers.



                          GMO and pesticide free Organic Cotton is naturally soft and gentle on skin. The lack of chemicals used in it's production makes it ideal for those with allergies and sensitive skin. Organic Cotton not only uses far less water than conventional cotton in it's production, it also prevents contamination in groundwater and nearby rivers. 
                          Silk Road Bazaar is a wholesale representative of marginalized artist groups located in Central Asia.  All designs and collaborations are original works of Central Asian artists and Silk Road Bazaar.
                          Using natural fibers and eco-friendly resources, they work with artisans to produce handcrafted products in Kyrgyzstan.
                          They connect with artists who are far from the capitals, who have limited market access, who do not possess modern marketable skills but have carried on traditional craft culture.
                          They live amongst our artist groups for an extended period of time. During that time, they help them become self-sustainable by developing their designs, management techniques, quality control and computer skills.
                          DevOcean was founded by ocean loving couple, Todd and Vicki Norman. 
                          Vicki  is currently a USCG Captain, PADI Divemaster and a Marine Journalist, and Todd is a former US Navy veteran and active surfer.  
                          Their mutual love of the ocean and its marine wildlife inspired DevOcean's eco-friendly bamboo straws and bamboo cutlery.


                          WHY BAMBOO? 



                          Bamboo is great for the environment. Not only is it reusable, biodegradable and 100% natural, it is also the fastest growing plant on the planet. 


                          It can grow up to 3 feet in only 24 hours. Bamboo releases 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere and absorbs more carbon dioxide than any other plant. This makes bamboo excellent for absorbing greenhouse gases as well as producing clean, fresh oxygen.


                          • Our bamboo straws are finished and cured
                          • Washable, reusable and hygienic
                          • Dishwasher safe
                          • No inks or dyes
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