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1.0 Introduction

2.0 The Bonn Challenge

3.0 Ethiopia – The Green Legacy Initiative

4.0 Ireland – Commitment to tree plantation

5.0 Scotland – An effective Climate Action Plan

6.0 Conclusion



Many scientists and researchers are warning governments across the globe of the consequences of greenhouse gases are having on our planet.  Most of them emphasize “Climate change is real!” and we are seeing these changes in the form of unpredictable weather patterns across the globe.  Many governments and advocacy groups have recognized this and have started to take up measures in order to restore the ecological balance on this planet.

25% of carbon from the atmosphere can be removed by planting more than 500 billion trees, a new study has found.  And there is enough space on the planet to do it! This is the quickest and best solution available today to address climate change.  However, this solution needs to be accompanied by reducing and phasing out fossil fuels and increase the use of renewable energy, the researcher’s emphasis.

Many countries and environmental/climate change advocacy groups are caring out initiatives for reforestation, planting more trees along with promoting the usage of renewable sources of energy. 

The Bonn Challenge

The Bonn Challenge was launched in 2011 by the Government of Germany and IUCN with a goal to bring 150 million hectors of degraded and deforested land into restoration by 2020, and about 350 million hectors by 2030.  Now more than 40 countries and their governments have pledged to this challenge and have started reforestation programs.  Over 172 million hectors of land across the planet has already been pledged and many countries and nations on track with their pledges.  Some nations have taken extra and quick steps to plant more trees and towards reforestations.   They have set a president on how to systematically implement and achieve results. 


Ethiopia – The Green Legacy Initiative

Ethiopia launched the Green Legacy initiative in 2019 advocated and lead by the countries prime minister Abiy Ahmed.  They are set out to plant 5 billion tree seedlings in 2020.  Through this initiative, the country hopes to plant over 4 billion trees in the next 4 years.  Due to the growing population and food production the country had lost almost 97% of its forest.  So they are taking steps to push and achieve this.  Last year they made a record of planting 354 million trees in 12 hours in a single day. 

This is a classic example where the government and people are participating in achieving the goal of reforestation and for a brighter and green future.  Last year the country mobilized 20 million people to plant over 4 billion seedlings nationally.  The country is pushing its boundaries and the government is taking all the steps to systematically implement the change.   This initiative is setting a benchmark for countries that have pledged for reforestation. 

Ireland – Commitment to Tree Plantation

After the study of planting 500 trees across the globe being a solution to climate change came up, Ireland promised to plant more trees.  They will be planting 440 million trees by 2040.  The government is taking steps to reforestation, they are also investing in renewable energy.  They have taken measures like instituting a carbon tax in order to curb greenhouse gases and contribute to sustaining the environment.  

Although reforestation and its implementation have challenges, the government is taking necessary steps in convincing farmers and masses.  They are conducting regular community meetings on how important reforestation is and how can they achieve it.  Hence a dialogue between the government, researchers, and the public is important in order to understand how climate change is impacting us and how communities can take necessary action to implement it.

Scotland – An effective climate action plan

Scotland has made a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the country by 2050 through the Climate change (Scotland) act 2009.  The government is taking various steps to curb the emission of greenhouse gases and resort to clean, renewable, and sustainable sources of energy.  

The government through the national peatland plan (2015) is working towards the restoration of peatlands.  Peatlands which are in well-developed form help in removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.   However, if the peatlands are degraded then they contribute towards these greenhouse gases by emitting more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the government has taken a baton on restoring 50,000 hectors of degraded peatlands by 2020. 

Scotland has set leading climate change targets in tree planting and reforestation as well.  They surpassed their tree planting goals by planting trees up to 11,210 hectors in 2019.  Although they missed their tree planting target of 12000 hectors by a slight margin this year, they still achieved a commendable total of 10,860 hectors of tree plantation close to planting about 22 million trees.

The steps that the government is taking to reduce the greenhouse gases for the well being of the planet are commendable.


Reforestation and planting more trees is definitely the best solution in reducing greenhouse gases as per researchers but it does not end here.  Without phasing out fossil fuels this solution and investing in renewable energy sources this won’t be achievable.  The researchers strictly emphasize that we have to cut down and eventually phase out on fossil fuels and activities contributing to more greenhouse gas emissions, and take necessary steps to implement the usage of sustainable, green, and renewable sources of energy. 

We the inhabitants of this beautiful plant along with our governments need to be a part of this change and actively contribute to restoring the ecosystem of this planet.  We have to discourage deforestation and take necessary action against companies, governments, individuals encouraging deforestation. 

The steps & measures taken by Ethiopia, Ireland and Scotland for climate change should be encouraged, rewarded, and publicized.  We need to work with the governing bodies and encourage and help them achieve the targets they have set to planting trees and reforestation.  The change needs to begin from our homes, neighborhoods, schools, institutions if we want a green, clean, and sustainable future for us and our future generations.



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