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Sustainably redesigning our way of life by learning from nature: Replicating Self Organizing Holarchic Systems – Part I

  The Ancient Greek mathematician Archimedes once famously said, “The shortest distance between two points is a strai...

Men of High Quality Don’t Fear Equality

In the book of Genesis in the bible, thousands of years ago, God made man – called Adam.   Then, from Adam’s rib, he...

The Planet is Getting Hotter…. Are You? From Plastic Bottles to Sustainable Active Wear

  Plastic is everywhere, but chances are, you already knew that.   You also already probably knew that it can take ce...

European Union Overwhelmingly Approves Plastic Ban: Could Polyester regulations be next?

  In a stunning vote of 571 to 53, the European Parliament overwhelming voted to ban the top 10 single use plastics t...

Company Spotlight: Loop Industries....Leading the Sustainable Plastic Revolution!

 “In the end, the term 'circularity' may just be one way to make us aware that we need a more encompassing, integrate...

Dare Greatly: The Green Screen, “BRB” Movement!

 “Disconnecting from our technology to reconnect with ourselves is absolutely essential.” – Arianna Huffington     Th...

Earth is a Sphere! Why Think Linearly to solve its problems?

        Watch Video Here:   Human nature, at least in the western world, seems to be dominated by linear thinking.   ...
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