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Stay Healthy, Safe and Sustainable this winter!

Winters means holidays with family and friends, a warm winter hat and gloves with cold chilly noses, and layer upon layer of clothes and cozy, home cooked meals.

That’s the nostalgic and pristine picture of winter that pops into my head.  

When anybody asks me my favorite season, I am like honestly, I don’t know. They are all great in different ways! I simply want to have all seasons and live them to the fullest while they last.  I enjoy every season with whatever is that season about. Like in summers going to beaches, having barbecues, concerts, outdoor brunches and beautiful summer outfits. After doing all these I start looking forward to wintering and the thing that excites me the most about winters is FOOD.


I consider myself quite a very foody person but I try my best to eat every seasonal dish and stay healthy as well.


We just entered the new year and holidays are over! But it doesn’t mean that we must give up upon having cozy winters.

Until and unless we are following healthy eating and active habits, every season is the season to eat what you want to.


Diet and Exercise Tips

Winters bring risk of flu and other weather-related injuries, but the biggest risk is lack of interest in healthy diet and exercise. We get so involved in travel plans and holidays get togethers that we forget to prioritize healthy eating habits. All this is ok occasionally, but best advice is to be consistent, and remember to get back on schedule when we do cheat on our diets. Don't forget to minimize food waste by measuring, weighing, and planning out each meal in advance as much as possible. 


Stay SUSTAINABLE while you eat healthier and get back to the gym!

Give away doggie bags to any dinner guest, family, friends - or pets! And when holding on to left overs, make sure to wrap in an eco-friendly manner using reusable containers rather than single use plastic wrap!

It is estimated that every year in winters up to 20% of US population fall victim to flu and other cold related health issues. Weather is the main reason for this, but a less healthy and balanced diet can also be another contributing factor. 


With New Year's resolutions already kicking in, it's time to get back in the gym!  It's easier than ever to work out using eco-conscious active wear such as organic cotton, organic bamboo, and recycled polyester!


Try your best to eat right and exercise regularly to boost your immune system and minimize your sick of falling ill or getting the cold or flu during the dead of winter!



  1. Working Upon Cravings


 Cold weather brings in cravings for comfort food. Food containing lots of carbs. The reason is that carbs generally possess tasty foods and having it brings happiness. The cravings for carbs keep getting stronger and stronger as the day passes.


The solution for this is to have protein rich breakfast in the morning so that you don’t feel that hungry rest of the day. Whenever stuck with cravings carry low fat healthy snacks so that you be full and think less about eating carb full food.


  1. Add mushrooms to your diet plan


Mushrooms carry medicinal properties which makes it an immune boosting food. It helps in fighting off many sicknesses. There are many species of mushrooms but the tastiest and healthiest to add in the grocery list are button mushrooms.


  1. Plan your Exercise Chart


Make an exercise chart and try to stick to it. Try not to be too hectic with the chart initially and pick up the pace in few days. Knowing that you already a plan for next day makes it easier and helps in staying focused on the routine.

Sometimes in winters we feel lazy in going out or it is snowing so hard that it is almost next to impossible. You can always work out at home there are so many resources available online like yoga, cardio, aerobics etc. videos.


Remember, consistency is key - create small, realistic goals and slowly add to them each day, week, and month.  


Don't pay attention to fad diets, fad workouts, and crazy cleanses that usually take more water weight than body fat. 

Do things the right way at YOUR pace. 


  1. Add Omega 3 Fatty Acids to your diet chart



Omega 3 are healthy type of fat which are very helpful in reducing joint pains and stiffness in body as they are natural anti - inflammatory. Since in winters we stay in most of the time sitting or in cozy blankets which makes body stiff. Omega 3 are also very helpful in lowering levels of depression which are commonly found in people during the shorter winter days.

Omega 3 fatty acids are found in fish, plant seeds and nuts.


  1. Eating green and orange vegetables


Vegetables like spinach, kale, carrot, squash are winter foods. They contain healthy nutrients, sugars and fats which our body needs. Since they are majorly available in winter season so it is best to make as much use as you can make by adding these to your eating plan. There are many recipes where you can add these ingredients and make delicious winter soups and dishes.


  1. Spices in the food


There are some spices which are very great for our immune system but should be avoided or taken in small proportion in summers since they are hot in their property for body and might cause acne or other summer problems. Spices like ginger and garlic not only adds great flavor to food but are very beneficial for immune system. Turmeric, a powerful antioxidant is another spice which is traditionally used in every dish in India and China. This ingredient is helpful in healing bones in case of any injury and helps in fighting against many conditions like inflammation and heart disease.


  1. Intake of Vitamin supplements


Vitamins like vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin A, iron etc. are very important for our body. Winters are most of the times cloudy and there is no sun. In that case supplements like vitamin D are very necessary to be taken for your body. Intaking vitamin C helps in fighting against flu and cold.


  1. Practice Meditation and other relaxation techniques


Short days sometimes brings anxiety and stress so in this case best is to practice meditation and divert your mind from stress. Meditation and listening to some relaxing music are the best de stress methods. Go for outdoor walk if weather permits.




These tips are very helpful in case you feel that you are already beginning diverting from your healthy and fit routine and little confused where to start.


You can make progress and get in the best shape of your life this year, and you can also do it sustainably to help get the environment in better shape, too!


The winters are the amazing period of the year which should be enjoyed healthily and happily.  





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