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Save the Rainforest from Climate Change, Save Humanity!

Table of Content:

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Climate Change

3.0 Scientists taking a plunge or rather call them life saviors

4.0 Conclusion

5.0 References



The richest and the most varied rainforest amidst the beauty of the Amazon River is home to several species of animals, birds and insects. Nature and wildlife have been the essence of the Amazon rainforest. Amazonia covers around nine nations, but the majority of the woods fall under the border of Brazil. The rainforest has been in existence for about 55 million years.



The home of such diverse wildlife, mystifying creatures and various exotic plants and trees have been untouched for a long time since humans never considered it as a place to survive and spend their lives. But gradually as the years passed, people became more informed about the rainforest and started believing that survival actually is possible in the not-so-crazy jungle. Freshwater, vegetation and fruits became prey for human consumption and the ‘once a beautiful jungle’ started turning into an ‘endless lethal pit of fire’ that started burning this very jungle. To destroy nature and to protect nature- both are in the hands of man.

The man started human activities like agriculture, construction, the building of highways and hunting of animals that clearly affected the environment. The man began harvesting crops, started converting the forest area into the farms and also began deforestation which drastically impacted the soil, environment and the species living there. Activities like oil drilling, setting up factories, building bridges and a large number of people settling down in this rainforest exceeded the levels of air and water pollution.

Climate Change

One of the major drawbacks of industrialization, construction and deforestation in the Amazon rainforest is the colossal effect on the climate. Loss of biodiversity is one of the major reasons for global warming. Cutting of the trees and destruction of the forest has significantly lessened the amount of rainfall. Killing of the wildlife due to hunting or reducing forest expansion has disrupted nature’s food cycle making a lot of species extinct.



Climate change is a grave concern for environmentalists, scientists and researchers today. Man for his own survival and comfortable lifestyle has shunned the importance of nature today. Forests are not preserved, renewable resources are getting depleted, animals are hunted for food, water is being contaminated for human consumption and use of substances like plastic is creating soil erosion and deforestation.



The environment is getting disturbed due to the excessive pollution that man generates through industrialization and production. According to a study carried out, the Amazon rainforest could become one of the most unsustainable rainforests and could also lose the forest cover in the coming years.

Deforestation in Amazon has led to the increase of global temperature of up to 4 degrees Celsius and also led to drought in countries like Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

A ‘forest fire’ is the result of deforestation along with climate change. Human activity like farming is one of the huge causes of this. Amazon deforestation has escalated over the years and led to forest fires that take place on a regular basis.


Scientists taking a plunge or rather call them life saviors

Gradually people are getting aware of the situation in the Amazon rainforest that has affected the whole world in terms of climate change. Global warming is alarming and scientists are day and night working hard to think of alternatives that could save the planet Earth from getting damaged in the hands of Man.

Global pandemic 2020 has definitely raised more awareness and around 150 scientists and economic experts have come together and formed a panel to discuss the environmental concerns and pledged to save the Amazon rainforest. Scientists today feel that a rainforest conservation project is a need for the hour to save the lives of millions of species dwelling in the vast rainforest.

‘The United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network’ is the strong name behind the funding of this enormous project and is supported by prestigious leaders, politicians and organizations. Amazon rainforest is likely to disintegrate soon if the massive variations in climate change continue to unfold and excessive human activities increase more leading to deforestation.



Also, the Covid-19 situation when combined with the wildfires can lead to many respiratory difficulties in humans that could have a long-lasting effect on the health of humans and animals. The aim of scientists is not only to improve the climate but also deeply look into the matters of human consumption and how wildlife can be protected from getting extinct.

Forest fires are guilty of destroying the most constructive and natural part of the forest that could greatly affect the land and vegetation there. Also, forest fires could lead to enormous amounts of smoke and pollution; ruining the health of the living beings near the forest area or the nations surrounding the rainforest.



Environmentalists and researchers have already started taking steps to reduce the use of harmful chemicals (in factories and industries) in the rainforest, reduced the construction process and also set up regulations for preserving the nature and the importance of using the water wisely. This has greatly dropped the rates of the forest fire for 5 years, but still, the issue needs to be resolved when it comes to climate change and global warming.



One of the most endangered ecosystems of the planet; the Amazon rainforest is clearing up the forest space, bending down in front of the humans’ restless thirst for an illogical idea of living in a jungle by destroying the jungle itself. But scientists today are leaving no stone unturned in saving nature by acquiring ample knowledge of the Amazon basin through remote sensing. This technology is very new and helpful for tracking the destruction done due to deforestation in the rainforest.

Technology along with some humanity is what can make this project successful. Consideration and thoughtfulness towards the environment by reducing the consumption of natures’ gift basket can be the wholesome reason to shell the environment and render protection from inhuman physical activities and unnatural attributes. Life is precious and so is the surrounding we live in. It’s time to save our valuable pride and why not?




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