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Rental Clothing- A Great Idea For Sustainable Business

Table of Content:

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Rental Clothing- A savior in disguise

3.0 Benefits of Second-Hand Clothing

4.0 How is it sustainable?

5.0 Conclusion

6.0 References



People today are very particular about fashion but also concerned about the environment. A lot of organizations are trying to find ideas to make their businesses more sustainable and eco-friendly. As global citizens, it is our duty to consider serious problems like global warming which the world is facing today. Covid-19 pandemic has made us rethink and reconsider what we have been doing and how we have been living all these years.

Fashion has grown rapidly for a few years. Fashion is not just about dolling up models for runways, but also how the fashion industry, on the whole, is contributing to the society and environment at large. Many companies are using recycled materials to manufacture products that are gradually saving a lot of time, money and resources. ‘Go Green’ is a motto that a lot of fashion hubs follow in today’s time as a lot of clothes, shoes and other fashion products are getting trashed which is increasing global waste. An idea of sustainability is the bearer of the future fashion world for sure as making a mark on the world holds more importance today than just making a statement by carrying a stylish piece.

The concept of rental clothing is indeed brilliant. Humans today invest so much in fashion making the fashion industry a billion-dollar industry. A lot of fashion consumers or buyers buy a particular dress and wear it just once or twice for an occasion and then it lies there in their wardrobes for years and years losing its identity, value and joy when it was first bought. Competition, glamour, trends, multiple options to wear, different events to attend, passion to wear something fresh every time, feeling hip or setting up a trend -so many factors are there that keeps the demand high for more shopping and wasting the so-called hard-earned income.


Rental Clothing- A Savior in Disguise

The concept of rental clothing first began in the year 2009 by an online business ‘Rent the Runway’ that provides designer dress and accessory rentals. According to the business model of this company, the customers can rent any piece of clothing for about 4 or 8 days for as low as 10% of their retail price. They also have monthly subscriptions that allocate for unlimited or low-cost shipping. The dry cleaning, care and shipping- everything is taken care of by the rental clothing company. Customers can also rent jewelry, cosmetics, lingerie and children’s clothing too here. This company gave a striking idea to a lot of other companies in fashion to revamp their business models, adopt a similar strategy and do something creative to save beautiful pieces of clothing or accessories from getting wasted.

Rental clothes are definitely a hit with so many customers getting broad-minded about this whole concept and accepting the fact that wasting money on something to be worn only once or twice is not worth it. Also, designers who might not be surviving fiercely due to the regressive competition in the real fashion world have got an opportunity to provide some esthetics from their diverse collection to people across the globe. Their designs get appreciated by a large scale of customers who utilize their creations, make them notice that eventually raises awareness about the importance of rental clothing.


Benefits of Second-Hand Clothing

We have a lot of misconceptions when it comes to wearing second-hand clothing. People think that second-hand clothing is not relevant or appropriate when it comes to maintenance and hygiene. People are not comfortable wearing the same clothing worn by many before them and it makes them a little hesitant about this whole concept. But the business of rental clothing is beyond just storing and providing rental services.

  • Second-hand clothing goes through a dry-cleaning process or deep cleaning, properly ironed with steamer and packed perfectly before it goes to the customers. The customers thus get the feeling of wearing a new outfit as it has never been worn before. Also after wearing it, the customers need not wash it or iron it before returning it to the rental service. The rental clothing service takes care of maintaining the quality of the products; keeping them fresh and new-like. This makes the second-hand clothing business even more popular amongst the clients. Wearing a new dress every time has been made possible beautifully by the rental services.

  • You don’t have to invest a lot of money when an event or an occasion comes up. You can rent it for an evening or a day too.
  • This is a great concept for the shopaholics who can’t stop themselves from buying anything and everything that is new in the market. Shoppers can utilize this idea and save a fortune.
  • A great idea for someone who is very picky or choosy. People often want to try and experiment with something before they go about owning something. This is a fantastic way to experiment with different clothing pieces by renting them if a person actually wants to buy them.
  • Brick-and-mortar retail rental services are there too along with the online service so that people can visit their locations and get a clear idea of what their business is all about.

  • From high-end and designer to casual and chic, from runway trends to streetwear, from men and women’s clothing to children’s apparel, the rental clothing service has covered basically all the areas of fashion. Different customers need different variety and brands and the rental clothing services give their best to deliver amazing new-like pieces each time they visit their stores.
  • Buying monthly subscriptions is the best way to gain benefits like free shipping, avail offers, or low-cost clothing in future sales.


How is it sustainable?

It’s always preferable to recycle used products or utilize the worn products instead of producing a new creation. Manufacturing any product creates massive air and water pollution. Carbon emissions from these factories result in the quality of air getting diminished. The waste disposed of in the water contaminates the water and create marine pollution. Hence second-clothing is one of the best ways to save resources, prevent pollution and promote the wellbeing of humans by the protection of the environment.



Let’s encourage rental clothing in this pandemic-devastated world which needs a more reliable and long-lasting solution than mere vaccines and antibodies. Rental clothing is the future of fashion and a great sustainable solution.




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