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Fashion Industry during Pandemic

Table of Contents:

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Sustainability is the key

3.0 Recycled products are always better than new ones

4.0 Go Local

5.0 Go Green

6.0 Conclusion





Pandemic could be seen as destruction or a revolution, as peace or propaganda and also as an alarming change for the future. People have been associating this scenario with so many assumptions but the good part about it is we are all together in this. Coronavirus has disturbed our lives but ‘unity’ is what is keeping everyone bonded.

Fashion industry has always been experimental when it comes to imbibing subjects and characteristics in their designs. However, the contribution of fashion here in this situation has been more than just runways and photoshoots. Huge designer brands and labels are going out of their ways to contribute significantly for the safety of people and the wellbeing of society.

  • Louis Vuitton has repurposed several of Maison’s ateliers across France to produce hundreds of thousands of non-surgical face masks. They have announced the production of thousands of hospital gowns to be donated to frontline medical staff within the Parisian hospital network. They have also donated 21,000 N95s masks for New York healthcare professionals.
  • The owner of Zara has talked about converting its textile manufacturing capacity in Spain to produce hospital gowns. They also offered to make scrubs for Spain’s hospitals.
  • The famous Kering group and its houses (Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Brioni, Boucheron, Pomellato, DoDo, Qeelin, Ulysse Nardin, Girard-Perregaux and Kering Eyewear) have partnered with personal protective equipment and other vital supplies to assist in meeting the urgent needs of healthcare workers across the region.
  • Gucci is set to manufacture more than a million face masks for Italy that is running short of medical supplies.
  • Prada produced and donated 80,000 medical overalls and 110,000 masks for healthcare professionals.


Apart from manufacturing hospital supplies and provide relief aid for the coronavirus victims, a lot of designer brands have also made huge contributions by donating a large sum of funds. This is clearly a constructive step taken by the fashion industry and this shows that fashion is more than what the society thinks of it. Fashion industry has certainly proved that the brands are not limited to just propagating different societal trends but also embracing the whole society as one; especially during such difficult times. This makes us think of the times ahead of us and what all can we do as responsible individuals in the long run. What if the manufacturing industries focus more on something substantial like generating income through the production of goods that are efficient, natural and eco-friendly. What if people start taking the concept of ‘Save the Planet’ more seriously?

Repurposing by large and small industries should definitely be taken as a permanent solution to curb the possible harms done to the environment.

Sustainability is the key

The concept of ‘sustainable fashion’ is relatively new but it’s so widely embraced worldwide by the fashion brigade today. Witnessing the scenario today and also environmental problems that are talked about for more than a decade now has been like an eye-opener for everybody. People are constantly getting aware of what they are consuming as consumers and also what they are producing as producers. We could see a lot of changes happening around us, but still there are a lot of things we need to achieve when it comes to saving the environment.

Designers today are aware of creating sustainable products that could save water and other natural resources from getting wasted or over consumed. Huge companies have started to take measures to be more sustainable and less wasteful. Preserving nature and its resources is the motto for the future.

Recycled products are always better than new ones

The concept of fashion is creating something fresh and unusual that is novel, trendy and classy. But fashion has also been constant over the years, not just with its style and design but also with the strategy and audience. People have gone back in time and acquired some famous style statements and brought them back in the present to create something funky and out of the box creations for the future. Also, there are a lot of products that could be recycled and used instead of utilizing the latest elements.

E.g. a lot of companies today have included recycled products in their production of goods by 25% like Gap, H&M and Adidas. A lot more companies have promised to use recycled polyester from this year.

Plastic bottles, cans and packets are the most commonly used items worldwide that have created ocean pollution and water contamination resulting in the loss of lives of sea creatures and destroying the marine environment. PET is an abbreviation of polyethylene terephthalate which is the most common plastic found in the world yet the most dangerous for the sustenance of living beings. To convert the plastic products into a T-shirt or a jacket or a handbag is indeed a genius idea; to transform something invaluable into a stylish piece. Recycling is one of the major steps taken not just by the fashion industry, but also by the manufacturing industry on the whole.

Go local

Communication and traveling across the globe is not a delusion anymore; with the invention of technology and social media, going global has been our watchword. Trade and transport globally are as simple today as it is locally. But there has been a lot of competition from the outside world that makes us import goods; that may not be favorable to our environment. People should focus more on local produce rather than outside. Local products are always the best as –

  • Local businesses produce goods at a very low price saving the income of manufacturing.
  • They help in generating employment opportunities for the local people.
  • They focus on the creation of goods that are more sustainable and less inefficient.
  • They can always receive tax subsidies from the government for industrial purposes.
  • Domestic products most of the time are pocket friendly and striking in quality compared to other expensive international products.

Go Green

The most talked about topic, the subject doing the rounds for a while is without a doubt to go vegan. Health has also been the priority of people today other than the environment and going clean and plant-based is the mantra. Also damaging the livestock by killing of domestic animals for the produce is considered evil by a lot of fashion houses today and they have decided to go cruelty-free with their production. So vegan is not just what you eat, but also what you wear.

The famous brand ‘Stella Mc Cartney’ is a great example here that uses vegan leather instead of leather made from cowhides, lambskin or other forms of pure animal leather. In fact, they have started using complete manmade vegetarian leather in all of their products like jackets, coats, pants and others.


Fashion had already begun its journey to sustainability since a decade but the ongoing pandemic might plunge it to take sustainability more seriously and designers will now focus more on what needs to be done to save the resources and environment after witnessing so many cases and numerous deaths due to coronavirus pandemic. Staying safe could only be a myth in the coming times if safety and precaution methods are not considered for nature and its resources.

Many fashion houses and huge brands apart from those that are mentioned in the beginning have also made enormous donations for the pandemic relief and for the victims and it is definitely a proud moment for all of us either as the fashion makers or the consumers. This is a huge step taken and could be seen as an optimistic step to revolution.

If the fashion industry could utilize all the wealth in recreation, recycling and repurposing their products making it more sustainable, profitable and long-lasting for the trade opportunists, buyers and the distributers, then the fashion world would be more of a pleasant, less contaminated and unadulterated place saving so many possessions.





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