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Effects and the rising problems due to the Global Pandemic in India

Table of Content:

  • Introduction
  • How did the cases get higher?
  • Causes of the rising cases in India
  • Conclusion
  • References



COVID 19 is a major setback for the world as this is a natural calamity which the world was unaware of (up till now).


As far as India is concerned, this pandemic has created devastation. India is a developing country and the ratio of rich to poor is very large. Every person has been affected one way or the other. The main problems before Covid-19 were poverty and unemployment and the market-risk in every business, especially small local businesses has always been a hindrance to the progress of the country. But after the Covid-19, the problems have only increased (if not stayed the same). It has certainly become very difficult for poor people to survive as the daily necessities have become scarce. Affording a basic livelihood is becoming a huge problem for them. The prices of food items and groceries have gone thrice their original price which is a huge problem for people living below the poverty line.

Covid-19 has been an unexpected misfortune which nobody forecasted and so the measures to be taken have been unknown to all including the Indian government. Calamities have come and gone but Covid-19 has definitely opened a new chapter in the history of the disasters of the world.


How did the cases go higher?

The government initially did take some necessary steps like declaring a national lockdown which controlled the cases to an extent. But this also resulted in a majority of businesses shutting down bearing heavy losses. Layoffs became a regular traumatic routine for employees across the country (with no unemployment stimulus checks of course). Soon the economy and G.D.P of the country started falling down. Poverty and unemployment rates started increasing. Factories shut down and a lot of laborers and farmers committed suicide due to poverty and hunger pangs. Basic necessities like food, water and electricity have been compromised by so many poor families today who still sleep in their homes with empty stomachs.

Hospitals and their expenses are unbelievable in India. It is nearly impossible for an average Indian to bear the sickbay expenses and afford a decent treatment. Besides, there is a scarcity of hospital beds and treatments have been avoided to people who need treatment the most simply because they can’t afford it. A lot of these laymen suffer from many disorders and poor immune systems due to excessive pollution, scarcity of food and fresh drinking water.

According to the statistics today, Covid-19 cases are increasing faster day-by-day and India is now among the nations with the highest growing cases in a day in the world. The majority of older population residing in rural areas are affected by the coronavirus illness as they already are suffering from other illnesses like kidney-related problems, breathing issues and chronic sickness.

Also as the lockdown has been relaxed by the Indian government, people are not taking the new disease seriously in spite of it being one of the most severe concerns today in the world. The majority of poor people who are uneducated are unaware of the seriousness of this problem and fail to understand the importance of basic things like wearing a mask in a public place or maintaining social distance. Neither the people are aware of the problem and its consequences nor is the government trying to educate them on this. Lockdown alone is not the solution to curb the problem. Proper steps should be taken by each and every citizen of the country in implementing safety measures and assuring the society that we really are in this together.


Causes of the rising cases in India

  • Lack of education and proper knowledge about the new deadly virus
  • Government not taking any efforts in spreading awareness among people
  • Lack of hospitals and better medical facilities for patients suffering from coronavirus. Also in most hospitals, the treatment given is completely incorrect or the staff is untrained.
  • No social distance practice followed by people
  • Wearing of the masks in only limited to a few people and most of them do not wear a mask in public places
  • Unhygienic public restrooms and sanitation problems are the biggest drawbacks here
  • No subsidies and wages are given by the government which forces a lot of people to go out and earn for their families. This results in more no. of cases each day.
  • Overpopulation has always been an issue in second-world nations; mainly India. Social distancing is very difficult in a country like India where multiple people live under the same roof and also the large number of people living in the slums.
  • In all this chaos, the Indian government has increased the taxes for the citizens which have made the survival of so many more difficult. 
  • Stray dogs, cattle and other animals on the roadside are also a burning problem in India. The animals are not taken care of and they too are prone to a lot of illness (obviously they are not vaccinated). When they come in contact with humans, they too spread the illness.


Life is at a standstill for millions today due to the global pandemic. But it is the poor and less fortunate ones who are actually suffering in developing and underdeveloped nations where humans’ basic rights like food, shelter and proper medical treatment is not a priority.



A country where a hospital bed is given only to a person who can afford the treatment. A country where social status, class and religion are more important than the global outbreak. A country where some people don’t understand the gravity of the situation when the whole world is burning in its flames. A country where other issues are being talked about on a daily basis but the smoldering question is left to the people’s imagination. A country where unemployment and poverty are considered more as an individual problem rather than a social and national problem.

People need to come together and understand that the effects are indeed grave and not only the government, but also the citizens need to take efforts in reducing the cases nationwide.





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