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Consumption, Health and Social Responsibility


Table of Contents:

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Organic Food

3.0 Organic Livestock

4.0 Sustainable Farming

5.0 References



The existing coronavirus circumstance has certainly made us question the sort of lifestyle we have and what we need to alter. This pandemic has shut down a lot of businesses; the food and restaurant business is one of them. The present generation is so used to eating out that we are not aware of what destruction it does to us and our bodies. Busy schedule leaves us with no time to exercise or indulge in activities like yoga or aerobics. The rate of obesity has gone higher over the years that have resulted in diabetes, several types of cancer, heart stroke and premature deaths. It is actually very terrifying and people need to take this situation seriously as so many Americans die due to obesity each year. The rate of obesity in the U.S was 42.4% in 2017-18.

The second biggest threat after this pandemic is definitely ‘junk food’. The sickness and problems related to junk food are massive but often overlooked by the people. Taste buds have started taking a toll on the health and safety of people. The pandemic 2020 is like an alarm for us to make us aware of the fact that its high time we modify our diet and lifestyle to accommodate ourselves with the changing scenario and to get accustomed to healthy living. The environment should also be taken into consideration along with one’s health and both are interconnected with one other. What we consume and how plays a very important role in how the environment is being treated.

Mental fitness is as crucial as physical fitness in this nerve-racking planet. Stress and food work like a cycle and both need to be in control so that they don’t overpower our thoughts and body. One must cultivate a diet that is rich in nutrition and healthy for our body. There are certain things that need to make a progress, though they have been here for some time now; but people need to know how important they are for sustenance and conservation of the environment.


Organic food

Yes, this is something we all know, have heard of and might have even started considering but this is something which should be our priority today. Organic foods today in the form of milk, fruits, vegetation and many others are basically the food items that are produced or processed naturally without any artificial measures or mixing of harmful elements. This clean, fresh and natural food will have no side-effect on our health and bodies.

Organic agriculture prohibits growth hormones, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics and synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. The crops and vegetation are treated with organic standards and procedures. E.g.

  • Bugs and lacewings are used to feed on the pests instead of spraying the harmful pesticides.
  • Insecticides like neem tree extract, pyrethrum, rotenone and many others are used.
  • Fungicides that are natural like bacillus pumilis and bacillus subtilis are used. These prevent the diseases affecting the roots of the crops and trees.
  • Use of insect traps for controlling the insect population on the fields.
  • Stale seedbeds are used to kill the weeds before plantation.
  • Plantation of pest repellant plants that helps in killing the pests.
  • Reduce the growth of weed through various weed management practices like mowing and cutting of the weeds, tillage and thermal weeding process.
  • Crop rotation, crop diversity, intercropping and providing the plants with enough nitrogen, green manure and water helps in the process of organic production.
  • Microorganisms and earthworms too help in the creation of nutrients in the soil.


Organic Livestock

Saving the livestock and going green is the best solution for the preservation of the environment, thereby reducing the effect on global warming. But also when the livestock is being used by the people, it is our utmost duty to use it in an efficient way so that the harmful antibodies do not enter our bodies that cause several life-threatening diseases. The best instance at this moment is the ongoing pandemic that may have spread due to the eating of bats or unclean process of consumption.

Raising poultry and lifestyle for meat, milk and eggs should always follow the guidelines of traditional farming and raising them in natural living conditions. USDA certification is used to monitor the organic regulations in raising the livestock and according to these regulations, livestock must be given proper food to eat which means only pure vegetation, no drugs or growth hormones should be used on them and they should not be used for labor activities or artificial breeding. Genetic modification of animals and plants is highly discouraged.


Sustainable farming

This is a new concept that focuses on balancing the ecosystem by carrying out sustainable farming practices. As a consumer of natural resources, we have a rightful responsibility towards the preservation of natural resources and protection of the environment. Sustainability in agriculture focuses on-

  • Efficient and less use of non-renewable resources
  • Use of ecological processes like soil regeneration and nitrogen fixation in agriculture.
  • Water and soil conservation
  • Use of biotechnology and biodynamic farming
  • Crops should be cultivated with appropriate fertilizer management practices
  • Recycling crop waste and manure
  • Long-term crop rotations
  • Electrolysis of water using renewable electricity
  • Forest preservation and growing more trees


The problem that we are facing today as global citizens is much more than the ongoing pandemic and that is the long term problem we have been dealing with but have failed to acknowledge and that which needs to be taken very critically. Doing detrimental practices in agriculture and neglecting the environment has resulted in deforestation, increased soil erosion, scarcity of clean water and land degradation due to poverty in underdeveloped countries.

This is the time we cultivate sustainable and organic practices in agriculture and help in the preservation of the environment, thereby taking into consideration our own health because life is at stake today and nobody would want to compromise on the quality. Pandemic has certainly made us realize that our lives are not our own, we owe it to the environment. So on this Earth Day, let's pledge to grow and eat natural things, stay fit and preserve the environment.




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