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Australian University on its way to becoming 100% renewable

Table of Content:

1.0 Introduction

2.0 About the Solar Farm

3.0 Advantages of solar power

4.0 Other achievements by the Australian University

5.0 Lessons learned from the University of Queensland

6.0 Conclusion

7.0 References




The University of Queensland in Australia has constructed a US$89M solar farm in Warwick. The 64MW solar farm could provide electricity for approximately 25,000 households. It is a great step towards sustainability, generating power through solar energy and saving renewable energy. Sustainability is the main concern behind this vast project and the university is very affirmative about the progress it has made so far. This is a much-needed solution looking at the current situation of the world.



According to the vice-chancellor of the University of Queensland, Peter Hoj, “The Warwick solar farm is first and foremost an act of leadership that demonstrates; that a transition to renewable can be done at a scale that’s practicable and makes economic sense. This isn’t just an economic choice. Industry and government look to us for expertise and leadership in renewable technologies and this asset will support a wide range of current and emerging research and industry partnerships across a broad array of disciplines. When it comes to climate change, we all share responsibility and the consequences; and so we need to be acting in a way that is informed by research and with collaboration in mind.”



This proves that when the thought behind doing something is selfless, then the action always turns out to be successful. Thinking about the world and its problems is indeed each and every person’s duty and it’s time to actually put our words into action. And that is what this Australian University has done and also shown the world that if you work hard towards achieving a particular goal; that is in the best interest of humanity, then nothing is impossible.


About the Solar Farm

Let’s first learn about this solar farm that we have been talking about and reading everywhere. Why is it so special and what did the University of Queensland actually do?

Through solar farms, the university will generate more electricity than it could actually utilize and the rest will be supplied to many places. This in turn provides a fantastic idea to similar businesses to generate electricity in the same manner. Such a generous and considerate action it is that will inspire thousands who are working day and night to save the depleting non-renewable resources. The solar farm is a great business model for the future technologies and businesses venturing into this foray where the contribution is not just materialistic, but it is an innovative long term social responsibility of promoting ‘go green’ concept and inspiring others as well.



Advantages of solar power

Solar power generates electricity through solar panels that are placed on solar farms. Those panels combined together are known as photovoltaic cells. These cells contain materials like a semi-conductor that converts light into electricity.

  • No cost, no maintenance, no pollution.
  • No reliance on fossil fuels and non-renewable resources.
  • Can generate electricity that could be beneficial to lots of cities and villages at no to very low cost.

  • Can create employment opportunities, especially in the rural areas where the demand for labor is always high with the establishment of solar plants.
  • High-intensity batteries could be used to store the unused solar power that could be eventually used later.
  • Very efficient to use and gets better and better with the latest and the updated technologies.
  • It is much safer, convenient and cheaper than regular electric power.
  • Saves water (a very big and underestimated advantage)
  • The long-term investment provides long-term effective results.
  • A great source of generating electricity with no air or water pollution. Pollution levels, especially carbon emissions could possibly go down due to the use of solar energy. This in turn could improve the climate and the global warming problem.

  • The solar power concept could be the future; if adopted by multiple companies and organizations whose main motive apart from the profit of the company is sustainability.


Other achievements by the Australian University

  • The University of Queensland installed a 1.1MW Tesla battery at one of its campuses. This saved approximately $75000 electricity bill for the initial three months.
  • The most important development in this project is that the experts provide training, knowledge and research materials to the small and large organizations in how they should invest in renewable energy, store their power and thereby raise their saleable feasibility. Their solar and battery assets are also publicly available as a learning tool or a source for these organizations.
  • The studies and researches done by scientists, researchers and experts in the University of Queensland hold a very strong example on how to produce electricity with zero emissions of harmful gases like carbon. Industries that deal with manufacturing are the result of excess carbon emissions and air pollution; so a definite solution needs to be put into practice.


Lessons learned from the University of Queensland

  • Minimize the waste products by engaging in more recycling of used products.
  • Production of materials that could reduce air and water pollution.
  • Invest more in energy-efficient types of equipment and technologies.
  • Support sustainable practices in manufacturing, farming and transportation.
  • Create awareness about the efficient use of solar energy, wind energy, biogas and hydro energy that could replace non-renewable resources.
  • Always emphasize the effect of human consumption on climate change. Global warming is the real threat for the present as well as the future generation and so this should always be at the back of our minds.





The University of Queensland gives us a paradigm on how to recognize what our goals are, identify them and gradually attain them. Perseverance, thoughtfulness and an optimistic approach are needed along with ample knowledge and information on how to bring a change that is long-lasting. The number of solar farms in Australia has gone high for a few years and it’s a great example for other nations to follow. Solar power is the new trend here to stay.






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