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After Covid-19: Creating Economic Revival Through Investment in Green Jobs

Table of Content:

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Invest in Nature

3.0 What needs to be done next?

4.0 Conclusion

5.0 References



The biggest threat other than health is unemployment due to coronavirus pandemic. The economy has gone down in every part of the world due to severe lockdown and the scary outbreak of the virus. People have lost their jobs, businesses have shut down and a lot of companies have filed for bankruptcy. There are still several people who are waiting for their income after filing for unemployment. Due to the shutdown of restaurants, malls, gyms and theatres, every industry has incurred massive failure including the entertainment industry as well as the retail sector.



The economy has undergone turmoil, the situation that is so unusual in the history of mankind. The present generation has faced an unprecedented and inexplicable circumstance that no technology or media could solve. All a man can do is wait till the economy is invigorated which might take a couple of years in the near future. Economy revival is not an overnight state of affairs. The destruction this pandemic has caused will need a lot of time to heal; to make progress in the financial structure. Poverty and unemployment have created hopelessness and despair in society and there are still debates going around in the world discussing how to come out of this situation and what to expect.



Creating a vaccine for the Covid-19 is a solution that could greatly benefit the medical industry and the patients with low immune systems, but it can certainly not benefit people and businesses that have lost all their incomes and profits like a wave in this deadly ocean. We need a bigger and clearer picture to regain what we have lost.

According to the report published by WEF, “Nature can provide jobs our economies need. There is nothing stopping businesses and governments from implementing these plans today, at scale, to reemploy millions.” The report evidently gives a positive hope to the world indicating that nature should not be overlooked as we really need to save our planet, and also while doing that we can generate a lot of employment opportunities for people across the world. Climate change and global warming are the harsh realities existing today. Why not take the current Covid-19 situation as a warning and address this issue?


Invest in Nature



Nature is the only precinct today that will reward us generously if we invest in it. The global pandemic is nature’s way of making us aware of the duties we need to fulfill as a true and concerned global citizen. By investing in nature (the wisest thing to do today), we could also open the doors of revenue for people who have faced hardships due to the epidemic. This is the first time that the whole world has suffered from huge companies locking their doors and shutting down. This is the time we need to take a step forward and devote our time, knowledge and money for the preservation of the environment.


  • We need to invest more in sustainable small and big businesses that are directly or indirectly contributing to the benefit of the environment. These businesses need to come forward, create awareness and grow so that more people could get employment out of them. E.g. manufacturing industry that uses biodegradable products.


  • Restoration of forests and expanding the green cover across the nations.
  • Industries creating proper drainage facilities and waste management systems.
  • Reestablishing agricultural practices with new organic and sustainable farming.
  • Generating innumerable watershed practices in order to preserve clean water.
  • Conservation of renewable resources that are depleting very at a rapid pace.
  • Industrialized plants that could generate energy through biogas and biomass.

These are some of the sectors that have been associated with doing a fabulous job which would definitely impact the environment positively. These sectors need to be promoted so that more and more people could be a part of it. The more people invest the more revenue it might generate in this financial crisis, thereby solving two purposes- economy and nature. These plans are cost-effective, environment-friendly and can offer long-lasting constructive impacts on climate.

According to an estimate, restructuring of the environment could create millions of nature-based jobs that could employ vast varieties of working individuals from low-skilled to high-skilled and from low-income to high-income. The number of laborers needed for this is very high and this could prove beneficial in wiping out the hue-cry of the global pandemic outbreak 2020.


What needs to be done next?


  • The first and foremost fixation that needs to be done is creating awareness about the conservation of the natural world. People need to know why climate change is a threat and why nature needs to be addressed. Social media today is one of the most powerful and influential tools we have today to provide proper guidance and knowledge. We need to spread the message of ‘Save the Planet’ so that people start taking the concept of ‘protecting the environment’ seriously.
  • A detailed research needs to be done by the environmentalists on how every business can adopt environment-friendly strategies and transform itself into a sustainable business.
  • Economists, investors and financers should start investing in nature-based jobs and create long-term financial plans for the country so that we can come out of the current situation as fast as we can.
  • People need to be provided with training in nature-based jobs.




Supply chain, tourism, retail and many such industries will take few more years before getting back on track due to the revenue they have failed to generate and the losses they have incurred in the present year. But the sunshine in the clouds suggests that many countries have already started taking initiatives in contributing to the preservation of the environment.

For example, Countries like Malawi have pledged to restore 150 million hectares of degraded land through the locally-fed AFR-100 in Africa and Initiative 20x20 in the Caribbean and Latin America. The United States already generates an estimated $9.5 billion in the restoration economy and generates more than a million jobs. The jobs for reviving the economy can benefit urban as well as the rural population and also curb the air and water pollution levels.

This is nature that might come to help us if we try to help it a little.



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