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Adopting A Pet....Why Now and What to Expect

If you are considering adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue, now is the perfect time!

Start the new year in 2020 off right for a good cause, and it will be a blessing for you and your family too!


An addition of a new member into your family is a big decision and responsibility.

Just like any other big decision first step is look for an answer to question:


In this case ask yourself that

Why do you want to adopt a dog?

Here are few reasons to add a new friend in the family


  1. Saving a Life


In US alone around 7.5 million animals enters shelters each year. Unfortunately, many cats and dogs and other animals are euthanized just because the number of adoptable pets in the shelters is a lot higher and too few people consider adoption.


Although around 80 million American families own a pet, but they usually own just one, and in most cases they are bought rather than adopted.

This number of euthanized animals could be reduced if people start adopting in place of buying.


By adopting you are not only saving a pet and providing loving family but also providing shelter space for another pet in an animals shelter.


  1. Getting a healthy and trained pet


Shelters by law must keep all animals in good health. Many people have this belief that only stray animals live in shelters, but it is not so. Shelters do provide home to stray animals too, but they are provided full care and training. Also, most shelter pets wound up in shelters because of their care taking families problems like divorce or moving.


  1. Cost less


Buying a new pet ranges between $500 to $1000 whereas adoption costs between $50 to $200.Buying a new pet is not only costly depending upon breed you want and other features but also the cost of vaccinations and trainings.

Usually when you adopt a pet most of animals are already vaccinated and trained and all these prices are included in the adoption costs only which could save some upfront cost of adding new member in the family.



  1. Take a stand against puppy mills


If you are buying dog from a pet store, flea market or online store you are most likely getting a dog from puppy mills.


Puppy mills are dog breeding facilities and in many cases,  they ignores the needs of puppies and their parents.

Dogs from here are often sick and unsocialized. They are not provided proper care and housed in poor conditions with improper medical care. The mothers of these pups are kept in cages and bred repeatedly for years. And when they are no longer profitable, they are either killed, abandoned or sold at auction.


But these mills keep profiting since consumers buying from these mills indirectly doesn’t know where their pets are coming from.


  1. Good for health


Not only does pets provide unconditional love but they also provide psychological, emotional and physical benefits to their companions.

Also adopting a pet give such a feel good that you are giving home to someone who really needs it.



This was all about an answer to why.


Now if you are finally upon the decision to adopt one friend, the next step is to prepare before adopting one.


Initial Days of the Pets


  • Determine in which area of the house where will your pet be spending the most of time at because it will be a different environment for him, and he might be under a lot of stress.


  • Take your pet to veteran for a regular checkup just for your satisfaction.


  • Learn more about the training techniques or hire a trainer. Even if the pet is already trained before adopting but learn some training techniques or hire trainer for initial days.


  • Make the house area where the pet will be spending most of time in initial days the pet proof like your electric wires, storing inside the chemicals and other things so that you are your pet both are safe.


  • Get training yourself upon how to have conversation with pets and other trainings. Make sure children know how to proceed to the pets.


  • Give some time to your pets to adjust with the environment of your house before introducing to strangers. Try not to be too excited in starting when around your pet as it might scare it.


  • Learn from the shelter everything about your pet like his feeding timings, past sicknesses, allergies so that you are not bringing so sudden changes in its eating habits and take care of allergies. If you plan on bringing some change to its routine, try to give some time and do it slowly and steadily so that the change is not so sudden. Try shifting to half new and continuing with half old initially.



Following Weeks


  • Now that your pet is acquainted with you and slowly being closer to you it is time for it to be more socialized. If your pet is a dog, take them for walks in parks, dog events. But pay close attention to it, watch its body language to be sure that it is ok and having good time.
  • If you are unfamiliar of any ideal food habits and other things about your pet, then consult the veterinarian and have full knowledge before and whenever needed. It is good for your and your pet’s health both.




Adopting a pet is something that is truly rewarding and will make the lives of you and your loved ones more rich and fulfilling. You will not even realize when these pets become so important to you and part of your life. I always love the fact how you feel so affectionate and loving when around your pet who doesn’t say even a word but needs you the most.


Another way of being part of this community is helping the shelters like acctphilly, pawit4wrd and other by promoting their good cause and helping in pets being adopted by right family who could give them home.





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