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5 Sustainable Technologies Driving Innovation Today

Table of Content:

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Types Of Sustainable Technology

  • Solar Power
  • Biodegradable materials
  • Green Insulation
  • Use of Smart appliances
  • Electrochromic Smart glass

3.0 Conclusion

4.0 References



Sustainable technology aims at improvisation in our social and environmental track in such a way that it facilitates more valuable use of natural resources. One of the most important environmental plans is to minimize the production and reduction in material. This technology allows considerable capital in terms of objects and energy. It brings more transparency to the supply chain.

There are various sustainable technologies like solar power, biodegradable materials, green insulation, the use of smart appliances, cool roofs, sustainable resource sourcing, low energy house and zero energy building design, electrochromic smart glass, water efficiency technologies, sustainable indoor environment technologies, self-powered buildings, rammed earth brick etc. Such technology helps in data collection and analysis.


The top 5 types of sustainable technologies today

  • Solar power

A power that is converted from sunlight into electricity is ‘Solar Power’. It is an energy transfer in which solar power is used in various gadgets as well as in heaters and auto motives. Solar power either uses photovoltaic cells (PVC) or concentrated solar power. It also uses the combination of both photovoltaic cells and concentrated solar power.

A concentrated solar power system makes use of lenses or mirrors so that it can generate electricity from the steam-driven turbines. Photovoltaic cells make use of the photovoltaic effects to convert light into electric current. Solar power is progressing tremendously and in the upcoming years, it will grow more.

In spite of being so beneficial solar energy has some drawbacks as well.

  • Storing solar energy can be costly
  • The cost of purchasing is high initially
  • The efficiency of solar system is relatively low during rainy season. Hence it is dependent on weather.
  • It uses a lot of space
  • Compared to traditional power sources, solar panels produces limited energy.

Though it has certain limitations, solar energy is still the renewable energy source with low maintenance cost.

  • Biodegradable materials

Waste substances that can be converted into carbon dioxide or other organic molecules are biodegradable Dead plants and animals or wastage from fruits, vegetables etc.

One of the most important biodegradable materials in the present times is biodegradable plastic. It is one of the latest sustainable technologies. It is recyclable and helps in reducing carbon dioxide level. Biodegradable plastics are made from crops like corn. Compared to other plastics, biodegradable plastics are non-toxic.There are no chances that they will produce harmful chemicals while burning. They also emit powerful greenhouse gases when they break.

  • Green insulation

Green insulation is also known as cellulose insulation that is made up of recycled newspapers. It doesn’t contain any harmful material that can cause health problems. In today’s time, green insulation is quite effective. The manufacturing process and materials are eco friendly. Green insulation reduces energy costs. Being safe and sustainable, green insulation in modern sustainable technology. It also increases natural lighting by not only reducing the costs but also the usage.

  • The use of smart appliances

Appliances nowadays are self-sufficient and energy saving. They are called smart appliances. Dishwashers, refrigerators and washing machines are modern sustainable technologies in the current scenario. Smart appliances are objects used in daily life. They use sensors so that they can collect physical information such as light, temperature etc.

Smart appliances vary in sizes. Whether they are small or big, they are powerful. It has various benefits in businesses and in the decision-making process. It also helps in the production and saves time. The main benefit of smart appliances is it increases energy efficiency.

  • Electrochromic Smart glass

Electrochromic Smart glass is a contemporary sustainable technology used in construction. It usually works in summer season so that it can change the amount of solar radiation it reflects. It is a smart glass used for windows, walls, etc.

Electrochromic glass is used in buildings like offices, museums, malls etc. in which solar control is challenging. Smart glass also helps the interior spaces like atrium. Basically electrochromic smart glass provides solar control by maintaining contact to outdoor and daylight views which can further help in the recovery of patients and also increase productivity. It has various control options as well which can be customized according to one's needs. One can change the background from light to dark and back again easily. It has great environmental advantages.

Nowadays most of the buildings are made up of glass which looks amazing but it allows light and heat even when not needed. The electrochromic smart glass prevents the unnecessary light and heat. In the future, this smart glass will improve greatly in technology not only during the day but also night.



The environment should not get affected due to the change in technology or construction. Hence it is very important to have a sustainable relationship with the environment. It is very important to store renewable energy as it is affecting the climate and temperature. Global warming is the result of human activities done to clash with the environment. Wind and solar power are used extensively so that they can produce low carbon energy. But most of the time renewable energy is wasted as it not produced when needed. That means demand doesn’t meet supply.

One of the most important factors to be considered is to reduce wastes and emissions due to industries and other factors. To lessen the environmental burden, sustainable technologies are very important. Technology is introduced so that one can easily analyze the data and it also improves the process of production and decision making in businesses. It helps in the reduction of waste and analyzes data in such a way that the workflow is carried out smoothly.

As new technologies are getting introduced every day, it makes our lifestyle not only better but smarter and greener as well. Some new technologies are surprisingly eco-friendly and are a boon in recent times. They not only make everything simpler but also help in saving the environment by conserving energy.





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