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5 Sustainable Companies flourishing during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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1.0 Introduction

2.0 The Brush Brand

3.0 Grow Journey

4.0 Trane Technologies

5.0 TruSelf Organics

6.0 Farmbox

7.0 Conclusion

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2020 has been a hell of a year with the worst global pandemic in the history of the world. The world saw a completely different depiction and it has surely created havoc in the minds of people. This pandemic has impacted a lot of businesses, the manufacturing industry, the travel sector, and many other small and big units all over the world. People have lost their jobs and there are a lot of people that are still dependent on the unemployment stimulus coming every week.

This year has also been a year of realization; especially for people like us who have been so dependent on ruthless items for survival and unwholesome lifestyle. The present situation is like a wakeup call for us to adopt a more stable and balanced form of living with as natural things as possible. People have started practicing different forms of activities that could keep them fit apart from the regular gym routine. There has been a significant change in the diets of the people and youth especially is getting constantly bombarded with healthy eating habits on social media. This has given a new meaning to home-cooked meals and using organic ingredients.



The majority of things have gone wrong this year, but also a lot of small scale businesses after incurring loss during this period have emerged strong with new strategies and innovative ideas of sustainability. They are surely going to go a long way. Sustainability is the key to solve the problem of the constant distress of climate change and here are some of the companies that are making a mark in sustainable business strategy.


The Brush Brand

Production units that have been producing household supplies, pet supplies, children utility items, and home furniture have taken a new route of manufacturing items by reducing the use of plastic in their items and including more natural and biodegradable materials. For e.g. The Brush Brand is well-known for manufacturing toothbrushes, cleaning brushes, paintbrushes, hairbrushes, etc. They have started using bamboo as a primary material to manufacture toothbrushes for adults and kids. This is a great start for cultivating natural and organic materials in oral hygiene products. Other businesses too need to think out of the box like this and produce something that is eco-friendly as well as thoughtful with regards to the environment.


Grow Journey

Summer is here and so are the coolest gardening and planting activities. Grow Journey is the USDA certified organic seed company providing with all the organic gardening tools and supplies and also educational resources that are very informative by the gardening experts, writers, and researchers. People this summer are definitely looking for organic seeding, planting, garden, and landscape management and this small yet useful business is indeed here to help the amateurs as well as the professionals in the gardening sector.



Trane Technologies

This company has its reputation of being one of the best in providing heating and cooling systems for residential as well as commercial setups. The company has always been recognized for the brands it owns and a massive clientele it possesses. But what has held the attention this time is not just the products they make, but also how considerate they are towards the environment by adopting sustainable practices in their company.

The company has managed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 50% and they aim to reduce their customer carbon footprint by 1 gigaton. Their manufacturing units have committed to zero waste to landfill and they have reduced overall water use at sites.

This is indeed a remarkable move in the manufacturing sector setting a great example for other manufacturing units too to produce their products keeping in mind the conservation of environment and preservation of clean water.


TruSelf Organics

There is a lot of beauty and cosmetic companies today producing many skin and hair products. Women today use a large chunk of their earnings in maintaining their skin and hair and to look gorgeous every day. Women face a lot of issues like aging, acne, hair fall, and many more, and the constant pressure of looking good at work or around peers is always a bothersome topic of discussion. So the beauty industry is indeed a very serious business.



TruSelf Organics is one of the emerging companies that produce toxic-free and chemical-free products that are vegan and cruelty-free in nature. The company uses all the natural ingredients in its products and this is something women want; natural and eco-friendly products for their skin and hair. This company is definitely here to survive the unbearable artificial multibillion-dollar cosmetic and beauty industry with the simplicity in its products and the ravishing result women experience once they use their products.



We talk about sustainability and organic products and we don’t talk about food; that is so iniquitous and unlikely. Health is wealth is the new lesson this pandemic has taught all of us. While wearing masks and sanitizing our hands might save us from getting infected with the Covid-19 virus, it is not a permanent solution to be fit and healthy physically. We need a stronger game plan and an idealistic thought process that is practical, safe, and long-lasting.



There have been a lot of discussions doing the rounds of how to grow your own food and only consume organic and vegan meals, but the truth is people are still figuring out how to go about it and also a lot of people today have no spare time to involve themselves in farming or gardening. Organic farming is something that needs a lot of time, resources and proper knowledge to do it. So this might take time till it becomes very common for people to produce their own food or people might start finding other options.

In the present junk world of pizzas and hotdogs, Farmbox is a remarkable company delivering fresh organic groceries to your doorstep at affordable prices across the U.S. The veggies and fruits they deliver are 100% organic, pure and fresh and they are just a click away. In this COVID situation, home delivery is definitely a blessing and what better than getting farm-fresh produce at home. This is a great business idea and it is definitely flourishing especially after the pandemic.



Sustainability is the future. There is no second thought in the idea of sustainable and healthy living. Today businesses that have adopted the idea of sustainability are flourishing leaving other unnatural and unhealthy businesses behind. These companies are the finest examples of how the organizations should work, inculcate the idea and produce and if this is the way every company or industry starts thinking, then the future looks much promising and greener.



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