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5 Harmful Manufacturing and Industrial Practices that need to be globally banned now

Table of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. Plastics
  3. Fast fashion
  4. Sunscreens
  5. Deforestation
  6. Wet wipes
  7. Conclusion
  8. References



A few changes made in our lifestyle can greatly affect the environment. Some things that are being consumed by us in our day to day lives are harmful which we do not realize. Slowly and gradually we are getting aware of the things that are damaging our environment and we want to live a sustainable life. Sustainable living is not just thinking about our lifestyle but also for the earth. We just need minor fixes in our lifestyle and changing the habits which is not only sustainable for us but also for the environment. Few things that are harmful for the environment may be illegal in one country and legal in another. All countries must unite in banning the harmful things which are dangerous in the future.

Five harmful things that need to be banned completely in the world are as follows:

1. Plastics

Plastics are one of the pollutants in the environment that causes pollution. It’s not only dangerous for humans but also wildlife. About 380 million tones of plastic is produced each year from which only 9% is recycled. Plastics have now become a part of our daily lives as lots of products are packed from them. Plastics have also caused marine litter as they are released in oceans through rivers during production. Beaches and rivers have become quite polluted due to plastic. Debris found in water bodies are categorized into micro debris and macro debris which have serious impact on native organisms.


Nowadays plastic bags, bottles and straws are used so extensively that we don’t realize the harm we cause to ‘Mother Nature’. It’s not easy to recycle plastics and it takes hundreds of years for a plastic bag to decompose in the landfill. It would make a huge difference if we start using glass bottles or carry our own straws.  Government should ban plastics so that the people have zero option left. All countries should ban plastic and adapt a sustainable lifestyle.


 2. Fast fashion

10% of the world’s carbon emissions are from the production of fashion. 20% of the water pollution is due to fashion industry. Buying and discarding clothes according to the changing trend is causing textile manufacturing pollution. It is very important for the government to make rules and regulations for the fashion retailers to become more environmental-friendly. Usage of sustainable materials should be made compulsory for the brands. The government should encourage these industries to come up with the business models that would take into consideration the preservation of the environment. Fast fashion results in all types of pollution like land, water, air etc. Hence it should be banned as it is violating the rules by using toxic dye.


3. Sunscreens

Harmful agents like oxybenzone or avobenzone are present in sunscreen which has a very negative impact on the environment. It is very harmful for corals. It enters directly or indirectly into aquatic environment. Because of this reason it can be called as persistent pollutant. Large amounts of sunscreen are present in fish than the water. This can slow down the reproduction system in fishes. Coral bleaching is found in large number. It has become an acute problem in recreational areas too. It has become necessary for countries to ban sunscreen because of its harmful effects and think of an alternative. Instead sun protective clothing would be a better option.


4. Deforestation

Clearing forests to obtain lumber or paper is deforestation. Forests are also cleared to make space for agricultural zones or urban development. It has a negative impact on water resources like rivers and streams as leaching removes the nutrients from soil. Water sources in deforested areas have high number of nitrate levels. There is also an increase in water temperature. This destructs the ecosystem of rivers. It not only affects the forests but also the atmosphere. Due to cutting down of the trees, the carbon dioxide is released causing reduction in forest growth. It also has harmful effects on soil.


Climate change has affected the whole ecosystem. It is necessary to go paperless as we are causing unintentional harm to the forest. It is better to use toilet paper made from recycled pulp instead of virgin pulp. Rigorous actions should be taken against people involved in deforestation.


 5. Wet wipes

Wet wipes have become quite common in our lives; the major being a great help to fathers and mothers of an infant. Wet wipes have a very negative impact on environment. Flushing of wet wipes has caused sewer blockages which is a big concern at the moment. Most of the wet wipes contains micro plastic fibers that biodegrade the environment. Wet wipes that uses plastic in its composition should be banned. Options like organic wipes that is environment-friendly should be considered. It can enter other water resources through sewage and cause water pollution; destroying marine life and sea creatures. According to the investigation in 2017, more than 905 of the materials in wet wipes cause sewer blockages. Hence wet wipes having harmful agents like polyester plastics etc should be banned and an environmental friendly or organic option should be considered for use.



These are the harmful things that not only causes imbalance in the eco system but also affects the environment negatively. If all the countries unite and ban these products, only then there will be a positive change. If the consumption is high, then an alternative should be found out by the government which is more eco-friendly and the one that doesn’t cause any harm to the environment. People should make efforts and try to change their lifestyle by practicing sustainable living methods. Banning these products will be one of the major steps to save the planet. Hence these five harmful things be banned completely in the world.


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