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5 Critical Threats to Humanity Due to Climate Change

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Since the industrial revolution, humanity has caused excessive pollution in the environment along with excessive greenhouse gas emissions. Consequently, this has resulted into the melting of glaciers and ocean level rising globally. This has significantly impacted the change of climate which is affecting humans. These changes have caused danger to human health, extreme weather conditions, depletion in ozone layer, increase in wildlife fires, spread of diseases and many more. Due to these climate changes, 150,000 deaths occur every year. Climate change has an impact on everything like supply of food, health, economic conditions etc.

The 5 major threats to humans due to climate change are as follows:

1. Health

Climate change affects the health of humans by risking their life and also the life of future generation. Air pollution that causes heat waves results in breathing problems, skin diseases, cancer etc. to humans. The variation in current weather conditions affects the health of poor people in developing countries.

Climate change also has consequences on mental health. It affects the fundamentals of basic lifestyle like clean air and water, sufficient food, security and shelter. Irregular rainfall brings drastic change on the production of agriculture. This has a negative effect on the health of adults as well as on the growth and development of children. Due to global warming, there is change in the food cycle and water supply which results in various health problems like cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, injuries, diarrhea, malnutrition etc. Hence climate change has a negative impact on human health and quality of life.

Climate change is a huge problem which is tough for people to understand. Sometimes it becomes traumatic for people to accept the uncertainty of future risks. Thus climate change also has a psychological effect on human health. E.g. Due to natural calamities, the rate of suicide, alcohol and substance abuse increases as people undergo through excessive anxiety and depression.


2. Environment

Deforestation in rainforest, variations in weather etc are caused due to climate change. Change in environment plays a pivotal role in human life which can be a threat. High temperature i.e. more than 35 degrees causes extreme heat waves which creates reduction in the capacity and productivity of laborers resulting in a huge decline in country’s economy and progress.

If the temperature is low, it causes disruptions in the polar vortex which causes cold temperature for a short span of time resulting as a threat to human life. It also has impact on fresh water resources due to constant changing of weather and climate. The amount of freshwater which is used for drinking and farming is reduced due to the rise of sea level.

Water pollution is caused which is one of the major threats to humans due to climate change. The effectiveness of reservoirs is reduced due to increased evaporation. Due to glacier melting, the water supply is threatened which can affect the capacity to irrigate crops.


3. Relocation and migration

Natural calamities and weather-related disasters occur due to the change in climate. This is a threat to the lives of humans and it destroys homes and habitats eventually resulting in finding shelter somewhere else. Rise in sea level and desertification that are caused due to climate change force communities to leave their homelands and migrate to the regions according to their convenience.


The most prone areas to natural disasters are Asia and the Pacific. They have a large number of disasters as well as massive population. The major number of people living in these areas are poor and marginalized. Islands like Maldives, Tuvalu etc. are under threat as defending floods is not at all possible. Evacuating these places is the only option. It is expected that in future too the calamities will take place due to melting glacier and climate change. Migration and spur conflict is expected to occur in large number which is a threat to humans.


4. Security

Climate change can cause violent conflict and a threat to international security. Climate change and security are interlinked which is a major concern for the authorities. If the climate is not stable then it will result in migratory pressures. The security of humans will be under threat due to climate change. Most of the time, drought and high temperature have been linked to violence. The wars take place that cause deaths, injuries, poverty and many other problems. Hence this is one of the most dangerous threats to humans due to climate change. Security is the foundation of a person’s life.


5. Energy Sector

The risk of wildfires increases due to climate changes that are caused due to power lines. If the temperatures rise then it can cause power outage. Climate change also has great effect on oil and natural gas. This can cause disasters like storm, floods, cyclones etc. Drought and shortage of fresh water increases due to climate change. Climate change not only affects electricity, oil, coal and natural gas but it also affects the nuclear power plants. Old nuclear reactors that work on low internal temperatures are affected greatly due to water shortages. Because of this situation many nuclear reactors are shut down. It also affects hydroelectricity. Change in the amount of energy that is produced by dam has a co relation with the water flow which is affected due to climate.




These are the five threats to human life that result due to climate change. Many things contribute to climate change. Humans should try to change their lifestyle in order to reduce pollution as its result is threatening, not only for a particular nation, but for the entire planet. Climate change has a great effect on social factors too such as ethnicity, education, age, gender, language, geography etc.


The only solution is to curb pollution and use recyclable and organic products. Government should also impose strict rules and regulations regarding the emission of CO2 from vehicles and industries that is causing massive pollution and negatively impacting the climate change. Climate change is already proving as a curse to mankind and its only getting worse with time till we don’t take a solid action.






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