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5 Countries that Handled the Pandemic Effectively

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Covid-19 that started in 2019 has been so dangerous that it has not spared a single part of the world. It emerged in Wuhan China at the end of the year 2019 and caused a global pandemic. Due to travel; almost all the countries became a victim of this deadly flu and they tried their best to prevent this disease and reduce its spread. Many strategies and plans were carried out. Restrictions and lockdown took place but it varied from country to country. Few countries failed in dealing with pandemic and it got from bad to worse. If proper precautions and lockdown would have been implemented on time, the cases would not have shoot up.



Also it hugely depends on the government. Government in few countries gave upmost priority to the economy rather than the lives of the people. This thereby increased the number of cases in many countries and now it is getting difficult for them to deal with this pandemic.

But there are few countries that need to be applauded for dealing with pandemic in the best possible way. Due to a lot of of reasons these countries never had high number of cases. The following are the 5 countries that handled pandemic in the most effective way:


  • Vietnam

One of the first countries to report Covid-19 was Vietnam. It started taking measures and precautions when other countries didn’t give a thought about taking actions. It has responded quite well to this pandemic. Being a country with the population of 95 million, the cases were comparatively less. In spite of not being the wealthier nation, it did not panic in terms of medical facilities and cost.


Not only this disease but Vietnam has a history of efficiently dealing with other diseases like measles and dengue as well. The pandemic in Vietnam has always been under control. From the very beginning of the spread of Covid-19, Vietnam had put restriction on travel and closed the borders with china.

 This is how Vietnam acted immediately and so it became successful in controlling the situation.


  • Taiwan

Taiwan started putting up the onboard quarantine of direct flights from Wuhan. Health monitoring and fever screening started on flights as soon as the news of corona virus started doing the rounds. Being very close to China geographically, Taiwan maintained lower infection rate. The first step taken by Taiwanese government was reducing group sizes of staff members in health care facilities. This decreased the risk of spread of infection from infected patients. Hence treatments were kept intact with fewer staff members and the ratio remained constant.

A close coordination between the central government and the hospitals proved beneficial. The quick and the decisive action taken by the central government was a smart approach. Other European countries should consider Taiwan as their role model for taking precautionary measures since day one. When other countries were coming to terms regarding how dangerous the virus is, Taiwan’s hospitals were already way ahead in their preparation.


  • Iceland

Though Iceland is sparsely populated, still its alertness from the beginning has proved quite beneficial for the country. Citizens of Iceland cooperated to such an extent that they stayed indoors as they were told to. They really understood the seriousness of the situation and thus a strict lockdown was never required like other countries. The government also provided financial aid to all the citizens of Iceland. Iceland had a very balanced approach and was indeed successful in controlling the pandemic.


  • New Zealand

The contribution of Prime Minister Jacinta Arden in eliminating the pandemic successfully is indeed remarkable .Social distancing and travel restrictions were imposed as soon as the news of pandemic came out. Though New Zealand has never been the victim of any major pandemic in the past, but its strategy was quite impressive. It took a very aggressive approach.


It started preparing its hospitals from early February and the policies were introduced regarding the control in travel and trade. It showed a rapid decline in the community spread in few weeks. At present there are 0 cases of Covid-19 and strict quarantine is observed by all the travelers. New Zealand’s success story is because of its government’s effective planning and leadership skills that prevented the pandemic.


  • Singapore

Singapore has a history of dealing with SARS in 2003 which has given them the upper hand to deal with another pandemic quite effectively. Singapore experienced high number of cases but since the younger generation were the majority victims of this, it became easier to see the decline in the cases. As soon as the disease erupted in china, the government made the rules and regulations quite strict and blocked the international borders.



Singapore was quick enough to not only identify but also isolate new cases. Before the WHO declared the public health emergency, the government made a serious awareness to the public and developed isolated hospitals. Singapore had a smart approach in tracing the contacts of infected person and calling them up and taking follow-ups regarding their health. If the infected person was careless regarding communicating with the government officials, then harsh penalties were taken by the government.



The government played a very important role in making people aware about the severity of the situation and if people failed to cooperate then strict lockdown would have taken place and they would have to shut down everything which would have affected the economy. Hence Singapore is also one of the countries that dealt with pandemic efficiently.



These are the 5 countries that have been victorious in handling and controlling the pandemic successfully. It requires a good political system and strong health facilities in a country to prevent this pandemic.



Government should be always alert and make more and more people aware about the circumstance. If the citizens are not cooperative then strict lockdown should be imposed. Importance should be given to health and the lives of people rather than the economy. Transparency should be there in the communication between the government and people. Public awareness is very important. Testing on a regular basis, quarantine after travel, closing down of borders, consistent approach towards infected people, developing isolated hospitals etc. -all these steps proved quite beneficial for these countries to handle the pandemic effectively.






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