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5 benefits of Social Media during Quarantine


Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Connecting people
  • Get-to-Gather
  • Influencer
  • Employment opportunities
  • Sharing is caring
  • Conclusion



Who would have thought that our lives would turn upside down and we would not know what to do with our free time. This year has definitely been unpredictable with so much still happening around and people have finally found solace with social media. Social media has always been looked upon as a waste of time or useless by a lot of people, but quarantine has managed to make us the slaves of social media yet again and proved that technology is not that dreadful after all.

Parks, beaches, and all the entertainment places have shut down resulting in people accessing the internet and mainly social media eventually. Frauds, scams and unproductivity have always been associated with the term ‘internet’, but as hard it is to believe, the truth is the internet, and mainly social media has acted as a savior for so many in this global pandemic situation. Wonders social media has done in recent days-

1. Connecting people

Alright we know that the purpose of social media has always been to connect people across the globe, but people have been very busy in their hectic lives; is also one of the harsh realities. Society today has lost the purpose of socializing, be it in actual or virtual This pandemic and quarantine has brought back the original purpose of connecting and reconnecting people and people are actually rekindling old friendships, making new friends, sending sympathies and love for others and also expressing emotions like gratitude and appreciation on social media (specifically on Facebook, Instagram and others). Relationships and friendships are refreshed and renewed, different communities are coming closer to each other and the real bonding is happening that might not have happened otherwise.

2. Get-to-Gather

Thanks to some amazing apps like Zoom and Houseparty, get-to-gathers have been possible as multiple people from different locations can converse together which is also such a great way of connecting people and developing communication between them.

 3. Influencer

Social media has never been such a powerful and positive influencer ever. Quarantine times have made people do things that they would not do if this situation did not exist. Also doing something good and sharing with others is such a booster for so many out there. The best thing about social media is its reach, the large audience it caters to. One post shared and it could create a sweeping and life-long effect on someone.

The content on social media (articles, pictures, videos) shared by so many, especially celebrities like indulging in cooking and eating healthy, baking at home, working out, creating something new, pursuing a hobby etc. gets viral and people actually like what they see even if it’s something very simple and basic. The distraction which has always been something outrageous and lavish like eating in a fancy restaurant or shopping in a plush store have been replaced with home-cooked food, cleaning the house, childcare and doing exercise at home. Free time and positive influence always result in productive action which is good for the public.

Another example is Charity. ‘Do not boast your best’ is a phrase, which means that an individual should not showoff good things that he does. In short, staying humble is what we are always preached. However, large organizations, big entrepreneurs and celebrities carrying our huge donations for the Covid-19 victims and also doing something big for the global pandemic has influenced so many people to donate to the victims and be a little thoughtful toward people in this difficult time. This is the biggest milestone a society can achieve altogether and it’s an affirmative sign not only for the victims but also for the donors who have learned the lesson of being generous and considerate towards people (in this pandemic.

4. Employment opportunities

This is not a hidden fact that so many employees have been laid off due to the current circumstance. But there are online platforms like LinkedIn, Monster and others that are posting jobs regularly and people who have lost their jobs can still have a hopeful future. This time away from the outdoors can definitely provide ample time for people to look for new opportunities and apply for jobs.

5. Sharing is caring

People who have been very occupied in their lives have started sharing snippets and stories about their quarantine lives which is very interesting to see. People have become very vocal and transparent with the lives that they are leading now and they have started sharing their personal life content; for e.g. how they take care of their children as the schools are closed, how they take their dog for a walk maintaining a social distance and how they are spending their alone time at home. Looking at the lives of others and realizing that they are going through the same situation of quarantine and social distance makes us feel one and lessen the burden of anxiety, loneliness and depression from our minds.



Though Covid-19 and the whole quarantine situation have made us all apart, social media has been playing an important role in keeping everyone as a close-knit family. Lockdowns, sanitizing and social distancing-so many things going around, but what is actually keeping us sane is connecting with people, building new foundations, repairing the broken relationships and finding the lost ones. Social media has been nothing but a guide, a rescuer in this intricate moment and we could rightly say that though we are sitting in our homes, not stepping outside, not partying like before, not traveling, not working like we used to, we are still socializing, still meeting people (virtually), still bonding with the community, still sharing our thoughts online and most importantly we are still there for each other, more than we ever were before.

This is a great time to rebuild your relationships and exchange greetings with everyone. So make the most of this time and try things you have never done, talk to people you didn’t have time to talk to before, connect with your friends with whom you lost connection and share your everyday life with others without any hesitation, because though life is at a standstill right now, you might never know what surprise it may give you when you least expect it.



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