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5 Awesome Shelters That Are Still Adopting and Need Your Support

Table of Content:

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Paw It4ward

3.0 ACCT Philly

4.0 Happy Paws Rescue Inc.

5.0 Animal Care Centers of NYC

6.0 PAWS Philadelphia (Animal Welfare Society)

7.0 Conclusion

8.0 References






Little paws, starry eyes, naive faces- dogs have always been man’s best friend. Dog adoption is not an uncommon concept, but people definitely need to be aware of the dog shelters that exist today in the U.S. Dog adoption should be encouraged so that the lovely little animals get a new home and a family who could take care of them.



Here are 5 awesome shelters that are still adopting:

Paw It4ward

This foundation is supported by an all-volunteer staff of dog lovers. The foundation provides medical grants to local animal rescues that save dogs and cats. They also rescue and foster bully breeds from high-kill shelters, support foster families with all the materials needed for care and provide these dogs appropriate opportunities for socialization, training facilities and a caring family.


ACCT Philly

This amazing dog shelter is not only involved in pet adoption but also holds pet food pantry once in a while and provides cats and dogs with sufficient food every month and also to the pet owners who cannot afford to feed their pets with apt nutritious food. There are a lot of programs that the shelter is involved in like -licensing the dogs, reporting a violation or a case of abuse on any animals and also report the dangerous animal bites that could lead to serious injury or death.

This is also a very helpful foundation if a person has lost his pet and he needs to file a missing complaint. The foundation makes sure that the news of the missing pet reaches every corner. The report could be renewed if the person still hasn’t received any update about his pet. This is definitely a very self-effacing gesture done by the foundation and it has helped so many owners to find their missing pets. It’s not just a foundation. It’s a pet saving community led by humble pet lovers.


Happy Paws Rescue Inc.

This is an NJ non-profit corporation for the animal shelter, adoption and rescue. The foundation works day and night for the prevention of cruelty and exploitation of animals and also educating people about the same and creating awareness about the importance of the safety of animals. The foundation provides full medical facilities to dogs and cats, giving homes to them and protecting them from dangerous and harmful situations. This is a very significant task that they are doing and helping these cats and dogs is indeed a selfless act.


Animal Care Centers of NYC

It’s not just a foundation, it’s a home for the homeless dogs, cats and rabbits where they are not only given shelter, but also immense care and love with approximately 200 animal organizations under its belt.


  • The foundation has various programs for the animals like ‘Boroughbreak Program’. In this program, shelter dogs are taken on field trips like a trip to a beach, park, or a pet-friendly eatery along with the community members. Occasional outings help the community members to track the growth and behavior of the dogs and also relieve the kennel stress and create a fun environment for them to energize and enlighten them.



  • Straycation’-another program for animals where people can let any of the dogs and cats from the foundation stay at their places. It is very exhilarating for the animals to stay a few nights or a weekend at a new place with a new family and have a pleasant time. It is also an excellent step for the families who are considering pet adoption to stay with the animals for some time and get an idea about the pets.



The foundation also provides services for the dog owners whose dogs have reached old age with low-cost medical services.

The ACC’s Community Pets Program provides vaccinations, dog training classes and other services for free.


PAWS Philadelphia (Animal Welfare Society)

PAWS provides wide-ranging efforts to save and serve Philadelphia’s neediest pets like pulling at-risk animals out of the city’s shelter and putting them in loving foster homes, preventing the growth of unwanted litters and providing the new struggling pet owners with all the help they need.



PAWS is a founding member of the Philadelphia No-Kill Coalition which is a cooperative of animal welfare agencies coming together to end the killing of savable pets in shelters. The foundation holds a lot of events for the dogs and their owners like adoption days, medical camps and dog walks and rides.

People can also volunteer for coming to the shelters and taking care of the animals, training them, feeding them, or making a generous donation.





These shelters are doing a beautiful act-

  • An act of saving the mute animals that deserve a happy home.
  • An act to consider furry beings as living beings like us who too feel everything.
  • An act to do something compassionate and thoughtful for the society.
  • An act to make people aware of the exploitation and cruelty done on these animals.
  • An act to encourage people to adopt these animals and treat them like their own.
  • An act to make these animals feel safe and secure in society.
  • An act to provide them with a peaceful and less threatening environment.
  • An act to think about the needs of the cats and dogs that have no homes, no families and nowhere to go.
  • An act to be well-informed about the animals and their needs.
  • An act to provide the animals with the best treatments and medical facilities.
  • An act to make the animals feel enrich, healthy and joyful.



This is a selfless act and we definitely need to highlight and encourage these shelters so that more and more animals are adopted and given new homes because we need to be more sympathetic and more humane towards animals and they truly deserve a safe and sheltered environment to sustain, grow, nurture and spend their lives with ease.




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